Friday, March 18, 2011


I've learned spring is definitely anxiety time for a beekeeper. My bees are coming along nicely but I'm not 100% sure what I'm doing at this point. I opened the hive 2 days ago and found what appears to be 5 frames of full honey and my cluster of bees was sitting on top of 5 empty frames of honey. They are able to fly out and some were even tapping into the honey but I keep questioning myself... will the cluster not get to the honey and die out?

I was advised by the experienced beeks on beesource to move a frame close to the cluster and break open some of the sealed honey to give them easier access, which I plan to do if we hit 40's and sun again soon. So far, the girls aren't consuming the pollen patty I gave them and they are very very moody. I was being swarmed when I opened the hive. I smoked myself a few times and that seemed to help.

I've signed up for Beekeeping in Northern Climates Part 2 at the University. Can't wait to pick Marla Spivak and Gary Reuters brains again.

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